Sunflower and birthday cake


I've just about recovered from a week of torrid insomnia and it's main catalyst, acute Bronchitis, to find myself back on-line but it would appear with very little to share. Nothing cute about it. I think it's fair to say most of us are still reflecting on the City game. Still seems impossible, within the context of how the game played out in the second half, that fate managed to re-script the narrative with such a harsh finale. But then a score-draw would have lacked the brutal punch of certainty. In this case, it's certain we've (once more) been written out of the race. Which is all good. Much prefer us in the backdrop of 3rd place with less pressure on us leaving behind the hefty superlatives the media have blessed us with recently.

I still fancy us to push for 2nd spot. Although its more appropriate to now take one game at a time. Talking of which; the FA Cup. Friday evening. That's a fairly new one on me. Not the best of kick-off times. Means Sky+ will be used whilst I pretend to show interest in Eastenders and avoid all social media until I start playing catch-up.

Watford away. Cue re-runs of that majestic piece of genius from Hoddle. We should win this one comfortably. We need to want to win it comfortably just to get back to winning ways and also because there won't be any harm complementing our CL push with a proper old fashion cup run. Redknapp has taken us to the semi-final before. We failed to show up that day. Don't know how many times I've said it but we were once synonymous with this competition. Now it's just a distant memory. So, make it so Spurs.

The transfer window is still open. You might have forgotten all about it. Although doubtful thanks to the daily routine of re-reading the same football agent rhetoric that's used to attempt to drum up interest in players looking to leave/arrive. I stopped watching Sky Sports News a while back. Although on deadline day, I'm sure to tune in just to watch the almost Chris Morrisesque 'The Day Today' qualities of their newsroom as they go round the training grounds and stadiums of England to show us reporters standing outside waiting for a car to pull in or out so they can confirm 'something must be happening'. Exciting. It never fails to amuse. Looking forward to Jim White turning up, with CCTV showing him parking up and walking towards the lift whilst checking his Blackberry for ITK.

We're being teased that Gio is finally on his way, which means someone has agreed to pay us the £40M that Levy has quoted for the ex-Barca player. Pav is still with us. He is right? Of course he is. You know that because of the daily reminder of him wanting to leave. Think I read we extended his contract to drive up the asking price. And you wonder why he's still here. As for players in? The latest from the ITK community is: Sunflower. Yes, you read that right. Another ambiguous cryptic clue that tells you nothing but can probably explain a dozen potential names in the aftermath of anyone signing.

Harry is relatively busy at the moment so not sure if he's going to be available for late night pizza as the clock edges towards midnight on the fateful last day. This ambition I have for consolidation. Considering we are less than a week away from the window closing, you would expect that any major signing(s) we are planning must have plans afoot already for the deal(s) to be plausible. And if so, the fact no media outlet or message board teenager is sharing suggests nobody other than the chairman is aware of it. Which is always the way. That or nothing is afoot and we might be left with hoping (despairing) for another opportunistic super-signing in the dying moments. Oh the joys will be upon us soon.

As for the court case. It all sounds doom and gloom. Would do because its the prosecutions job to make it sound just that. Defence will level it out. Not even sure how important any of this is, in terms of the short term and long term. I'm not worried. At all. Also, if you're one is spurs61.

Happy birthday to Bill Nicholson (RIP you grand legend of a giant of a man). Also HAGO to Jose Mourinho who appears to be a popular talking point to some who have already began to legislate for a new Spurs manager. Can I remind everyone of The Special One's style of football and his managerial traits and then ask you to compare them to the manager we currently have. Jose, he's a winner, but he's a winner at a cost. Both to the transfer budget required to support his efforts and the ethos of the shirt. Also, if you don't like Harry and his ego-brand protecting I hate to imagine what you'd make of Jose and his delightfully pleasant personality and relationship building skills. All this is simply hypothetical, just for discussion points.

Talking of the Special One. Happy birthday to me. I'm in great company. A thank you to Tottenham for the birthday card sent and the subliminal message it included by way of having Darren Anderton's name and shirt visible on the back. Very poignant to include 'Sicknote' in a message to me on what ought to be a day of celebration. Is that a gentle reminder of what might happen if I fall out of line again, Mr Chairman? I know you're watching. You're always watching.


I ain't scared of you.