Chicco 'dance' Nare

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Just before Christmas 2011, a small group of Tottenham Hotspur supporters decided to start an appeal that would affect the lives of a few good people in the southern African country of Botswana. Whilst the logical thing to do would be to set up a charity account to raise money to build a well or to help underprivileged children, the members of The Fighting Cock Podcast ( decided to buy 3 members of Botswana Meat Commission F.C. their very own personalised Tottenham home shirts.

Quite how this came about was completely random. The decision was made by The Fighting Cock forum members to support a second, foreign based, team, and so they begin scouring football teams from around the world to offer their support. There was one team name that stood out – The Botswana Meat Commission F.C. – a football club started and owned by a company responsible for overseeing the slaughter, marketing and export of beef from Botswana. If thousands of people around the world can support Manchester United for no other reason than they like the red kit, or David Beckham used to play for them, then why couldn’t a group of men from London support a team in the African continent. To seal the deal BMC FC’s main rivals are the ‘Extension Gunners’. It was a logical choice for group of Tottenham fans.

After a few months of following the antics of the Botswana Meat Commission F.C., the members of the Fighting Cock forum started an appeal to purchase some shirts for 3 people who represented BMC FC. The first was a member of the clubs Executive Committee, who had been keeping TFC updated with the results from the club. Another was Motsholetsi Sikele, BMC FC’s centre midfielder. Both of these men had been contacted via Facebook and were interested and excited that a random group of people at picked their team to support. They were surprised that people had even heard of their club outside their native Botswana. The third was the team charismatic manager, Daniel ‘Chicco’ ‘Dance’ Nare. Chicco is a man not to be messed with. Last season he chased a referee around the pitch at the end of the game to protest about a decision.

It took just a few days to raise enough money to purchase the three shirts, each customised with recipients name on the back. Nearly a month later the shirts arrived at the Botswana Meat Commission office in Lobatse, Botswana, around 8000 miles from where they started in London.

Thanks to you and all members of THE FIGHTING COCK podcast for the lovely present sent to Sikele, Chicco Nare and myself. We are very grateful and will wear the shirts with pride. I will get you a photo of Chicco in his shirt too and send it through. ~ Modiri


Obviously the three men were delighted by their late Christmas present and The Fighting Cock supporters were delighted to put a smile on their faces. It’s a nice feeling knowing that their are three people in Botswana proudly wearing Spurs shirt and hopefully following Tottenham in the same way that they are following the efforts of the Botswana Meat Commission Football Club!

Love The Shirt!

- Sibs


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Love the shirt.