New look Spurs, same old Gio


What a shocker. Apparently we've priced Gio out of a move to Sevilla. It's the story of every transfer window since the young Mexican signed for us. Beginning to think there is no way out of the club for him. Like Steve McQueen, he's caught in the barb-wire. Doesn't matter how many times you re-wind, he's never going to make it. We signed him for what, £4.7M? The Spanish club claim we want a exorbitant amount. Ten games, two goals. In four years. Levy mathematics deem him to have gained value rather than lose any. He's twenty-two. I've stuck a fiver on him finally making a move away by the time he makes his fifteenth appearance for us, at the grand age of forty two.

New Spurs site

Is it finished? Doesn't look finished, but it's live. Still propagating perhaps. Content looks the same, no revolutionary new features (I might have missed them) so it's pretty much a cosmetic touch up we've got. Plenty of white and player images as backdrops which is fine with me although could do with more consistency in how they're used. The new-look profiles (I guess that's revolutionary) gave me a scare when Bentley and Jenas stared back at me all proud in Lilywhite. Continuity error there. It is an improvement on the last site but it's a shame the club didn't look at perhaps truly redefining the platform in its entirety.

I guess the main crux for most will be the account management for season ticket holders and purchasing tickets on-line. Probably the main reasons for using the site. Best to wait until tomorrow whilst they sort out the problems with logging in (I can't seem to do so at the moment). Will say this, the more you browse around it, the better UI experience it is compared to the one it's replaced. But still, the layout is not as crisp and clean as it could be. Just don't expect to have your mind blown. There is also no Man City tunnel-cam feature, probably best to avoid the legalities and embarrassment that Chirpy will cause when he's caught smoking crack at half-time. Allegedly.

Gareth Bale

Fantastic player. Still a kid. But an absolute beast of a player. Enjoy whilst we have him playing in our colours rather than bemoan his evolution because you think football is straight forward and obvious. Just wanted to reiterate what I said in the post-City write up.


That's all I've got.