Not all presents are well received

Tweets of the Day from Twitter.

A day or so ago I read a Gooner's tweet that stated something along the lines of 'Spurs can't say anything to us until they finish above us for 16 years running'. The point being, they've achieved over a decades work of finishing in a Champions League spot therefore, the logic at play here is that we are not in the position to be critical of them until we match this. Such a feat might be unlikely for most now that the dominance of the Sky Sports Top Four has completely collapsed from the untouchable position it attained.

Personally, I couldn't care less for their consistency (they still haven't won as many European trophies as us). Talking about the past is fine, but it's just that (the past, been and gone) and it can not always define your future even though it can inspire. All summed up perfectly in response by @NorthernWrites:

But if you are only as good as your last game, what difference does the last 16 years make? We need one year at a time.

reviewing our performance on a generational basis if for mugs. People putting up 19 banners at United who were barely alive...

when LFC were taking the piss in Europe is the stuff of small time c****. How many United fans were loling in the aisles at Henry

and had to backtrack very quickly over Scholes. Football is about the present. Not all presents are well received.

difficult situation being a Spurs fan. Given the supposed woes of Arsenal, it's easy to want to smash "St Totteringhams" day...

down the throat of most gooners we know - politely of course. But then the scales are precariously balanced. On one had there is..

fear that everything could go tits up and we slip below them. On the other, well... can we really catch the Manc sides? Maybe?


Everybody has to fight for their right (whistles Beastie Boys) to be successful and you can only be judged on what is happening right this moment and not what happened last year, three years ago, five years ago, ten years ago...and so on. Same rules apply for Utd and Chelsea.

Everyone has work to do, everyone has to work for it.


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