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"to dare is to do". 

don't want to come across as an old-fashioned, pedantic linguistic **** but if i do i don't give a sh*t anyway.

the original spurs battle cry, in Latin, is "audere est facere". now "facere" is the root word for "faire" in French, which we all know from our o level French is translatable as "to do/to make". this demonstrates the word "facere" is imbued with a far deeper and noble meaning than simply the one-dimensional "to do".... ie. do the dishes or do the shopping.... "facere" in this context is more properly translatable as "to achieve". ie, simply the act of daring is an achievement in itself.

"to dare is to do" is such a poncy way to translate "audere est facere". the **** who did it for sh**** marketing purposes on the basis that fans are too ignorant to appreciate Latin should be shot.

i'm willing to do anyone who dares to disagree.

a far more appropriate translation of the original battle cry - something the fighting cock has managed to encapsulate in just a few short months is this:



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The thing about a***nal is their manager is bigger than their club. More important to the club than the club itself. He was able to walk into their club and mould it in his image. Couldn't have done that unless the club was a blank canvas. Now all the scum talk about their history of playing the a***nal way. They don't even seem to know their own history pre-Wenger. Boring, boring *****.


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