Tottenham transfers...make 'em stop, please make 'em all stop

Transfer window has gone loopy. Adebayor signed and confirmed yesterday along with the unknown entity from Juventus (Yago Falque). Today, we've had Sky Sports via West Ham confirm we're in talks with the Championship side for the champion midfielder, Scott Parker. I guess/assume off the back of Diarra's attempt to get more money from Spurs (according to Real Madrid) by telling everyone yesterday that no deal was in place for a move to WHL.

Spurs obviously shifting onto the next in-line (sadly ignoring the sad lonely face of Joey Barton who sits in the back of his chauffeured car tweeting and contemplating whether QPR is a better place than Newcastle Utd. Of course it is Joey, of course it is. But neither clubs are Tottenham Hotspur).


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Harry Redknapp has released via his PR (Harry Redknapp) that "It's up to the chairman. Hopefully he can get a deal done". Perhaps one or two fringe players will go the other way.

In the mean time, it's going to once more kick off about whether this signing is a good one and if it will cause headaches of a selection kind once Sandro is back and everyone else is fit and able.

Barton is probably on his way to QPR (think its more or less confirmed at time of writing). Don't like him much, he'll get red cards, but he would bring that evil ilk of leadership we need. Parker, will probably do the same for us, just in a more calm controlled and gallant way. I worry about Barton's temperament, but equally concerned how Parker will fit into a 'bigger' club as he only ever excels in smaller ones. If this is a fallacy, then I hope to be proved wrong.

He'll bring an engine. Let's see if he can spur on players of better quality at half-time. If...if this deal happens. We've been here before. Got to be either one or the other re: Parker and Diarra and not both. Right?

While we're at it, how about a cheeky £7M bid for Cahill. Gazump Wenger? Worth a punt.



Elsewhere, jokes. Absolutely sh*t bricks when Nathan Thompson tweeted he was signing for Spurs. Nathan who? A kid, right-back, plays for Swindon. Well, he's played for Swindon. Once or twice. Seems one of his mates tweeted the sensational news whilst Nathan was in the shower. LOLZ. Here's me thinking this would mean Hutton is finally on his way. Because we can't sell a right-back until we sign a new one (Spurs Directive 112: The first team squad must include at least seven right-backs or players capable of playing in the right-back position at any given time).

Elsewhere, we've drawn against Russia's Rubin Kazan, PAOK from Greece and Irish team Shamrock Rovers for the glamorous Europa League group stages. Neither the group of death or the group of sexy beasts. Just a group of teary looking men dreaming of that other group stage in that other competition. Regardless. It's Europe. Don't make me throw that Nicholson quote at you.

Almost forgot, there's one more signing to confirm. Young lad, Croatian. Can play out on the left and cut in or as a deep-lying midfield playmaker. Hoping to see him on Sunday versus Man City. Go easy on the kid, what with it being his début.



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