Rejoice! We've signed two players. Well, sort of...

Good to see the likes of Harry Kane and Tom Carroll playing in Lilywhite. Not exactly a show-piece occasion (empty seats, lack of home support atmosphere, bit boring). Felt like a reserve team run-out punctured with misfiring first teamers, but pretty much irrelevant with the tie over in the first leg - other than blooding the young. Shame Harry didn't stick the pen away. Next time son. Guaranteed both players along with Fredericks, Livermore and Townsend will feature in the group stage. Far cry this from the Champions League glory nights of last season.

Chin up, it's what we need to work towards once more. Spirit of 2010.

I guess the big news tonight is that we've signed Yago Falque. That and Adebayors' two month medical was finally concluded this evening. Not only officially announced by the club before Harry Redknapp knew about it (yeah, whatever) but also Big Ade managed to blag a seat behind Levy in the directors box.

Season long loan, on both accounts.

I guess we need to wait and see if we actually part with money and buy someone before we start scratching our heads about whether the money isn't there (NDP, new training ground the priorities) or that Levy simply doesn't want to spend when the manager might not be here in the long term (unlikely IMO, we need to challenge this season).

Falque is apparently more of an attacking midfielder than a winger although the suggestion is he will play out right and be competition for Lennon. Read this article if you want some background on the player from a Juventus fan (obviously, take it any which way you wish). Hardly inspiring (have you read the linked article?), but regardless - welcome to the Lane Yago. Ceballos has a new friend. Hopefully we'll see more of the gifted than the fragile (from both kids).

The lunacy of the situation that some of you have already noted is that we're signing a kid on loan and still waiting to rid ourselves of David '£16M' Bentley. I guess perhaps the logic here works. Why risk another near £20M on someone when you can sign a player for nothing? It's rhetorical. Don't answer. But you sort of get the point. Spending big money in the past has left us burnt. But in comparison to say City, it's an epic canyon size difference. We shouldn't complain until we see how the squad sets up in the next week or so. Still shouldn't complain after that either (now I'm looking for us to sign a miracle).

Still, strange that there are no other more permanent (and affordable) seasoned options out there. One thing is for certain, there's only one David Bentley so we can't go making that mistake again. Our scouts must have seen something special with Falque, so you have to have faith in it. Well, you don't have to.

As for Big Bad Ade. He has something to prove. This will work for us. He's better than anything we currently have. I have more than faith in this signing. I have certainty. Football being football, we might discover that he alongside JD equals magic. Have to wait and see.

Moving on...

If you watched the game on TV, did you note Harry Redknapp in the pre-match interview? Observations:

Redknapp saying he had no idea Adebayor was at the Lane and stating he thought he was still having a medical. Is it just me or was Harry being facetious? Then he talks about the loan deal (great signing) and contradicts his earlier stance. He knew, obviously he knew. But I guess wanted to dig at Levy who has no doubt instructed him to ease off the dramatics when being interviewed. Good Luka soundbites though, saving the day.

Talking of Luka, SSN suggesting the meeting between Luka/advisors and Levy went well and the player is staying. Sky obviously providing refreshments and making notes. Even though the player was always staying and at no point during this tiresome draining process has the player been in a position of power to influence or engineer a successful move away. I can half imagine the conversation in Levy's office...

Luka: "So, you promise in January you will let me go to Chelsea? As long as I play 100% with heart for Spurs between now and then?"
Levy: "Yes"
Luka: "You promise?"
Levy: "I promise"
Luka: "How do I believe you are telling me the truth?"
Levy: "I am"
Luka: "I need more than that"
Levy: "Okay. Let's shake hands"
Luka: "Shake hands?"
Levy: "Sure, yes. Shake hands. We can call it a gentleman's agreement"
Luka: "Okay, okay. Gentleman's agreement. I shake your hand"
Levy: "Good lad"
Luka: "You promise now?"
Levy: "Did we shake hands?"
Luka: "Yes"
Levy: "Then it's as good as a contract"
Luka: "I'm very happy. I play for Spurs now"
Levy: "I know"

Modric in the starting line-up versus City? Scores a goal? Kisses the badge? Come on, it could happen.

Regarding the post-match interview:

Looks like Levy is in for a couple of players. So says Harry. None of which are Joe Cole. So says Harry, sort of indirectly by banging on about the 'kid' Cole with his usual affection.


Levy does what he thinks is right with transfers, and rejects ones he believes are of risk and not value for money (Cole and probably Parker too). Harry is not in agreement with most of the decision making and is powerless. Levy has told Harry to keep his mouth as shut as possible. And when it's opened to be pro-Levy stance on Luka.

It's all very cagey and uncomfortable.

The sooner this window shuts, the sooner the conspiracies end and the sooner we can all just support the team (players and manager). Everyone is nervous, concerned, frustrated and impatient. We're all feeding off each other. Damn you social networking.

Here's hoping the next two signings 'in' unite us all. Anyone would think we're a club in crisis.



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