Haven't we already signed a fragile but gifted player?

With thanks to Chris King (@NorthernWrites) for this some what depressing information on yet another alleged 'new signing' of yoof - Iago Falque. Haven't we already signed a fragile but gifted player this summer? THFC, safe house for the lost and rejected.


Just a quickie about this "highly rated" Juve player we are picking up on loan.

Here are a couple of tweets from a fella who does a lot of press/translation in Italian football and is a massive Juve fan - came on the back of this initial tweet:

@skysportspeteo: Tottenham reportedly poised to sign highly-rated Juventus winger Iago Falque on loan.

"Winger' a bit misleading, more of an attacking midfielder, did well at Villarreal B last season"
"He signed a 4 year deal with Juve in 2008 & hasn't really improved too much."
"Not in Juve's plans at all, never really has been. Odd move for club & player from the outset IMO"

So this really talented player that Juve signed from Barcelona B, who was signed by Juventus - farmed out to Bari where he only played for their youth team. Then sent to play for Villarreal B before being sent back to Juve and now on to us. Juve's midfield is very patchy at the moment. If he can't get in to their side, why on earth do we think he is worth a shot in ours?

If someone at Spurs has seen something that no one in Spain or Italy has, then what exactly are they looking at?

Here's a further comment from a Spanish football writer:

"Little info on IF: Been absolutely cursed with injuries, and that's hindered his promise. Very fragile player, but gifted."


Rejoice and COYS. Heads up.