Luka necessary for eclipsing the blue moon

I'm comfortably numb at the minute. After the Spurs v Man City game concludes the season will have started proper. Two games against Hearts and a dicking at Old Trafford hasn't warranted much in the way of botheredness thus far, from me. Probably because the transfer window continues to consume all of us whilst we crawl towards its closure.

This evening (Saturday when I wrote this piece), Palacios and Crouch have signed for Stoke (Wilson photographed with Stoke fan, confirming that along with Peter they are new arrivals to the club - sort of pre-official announcement ITK). That's going out, coming in - Scott Parker is meant to be done and dusted in that the player really wants to join and West Ham have agreed to sell, so its all down to the nitty gritty of contract agreements. Bellamy also re-linked. Hopefully we've heard the last of Joe Cole.

Deadline transfer day closure can not come quick enough even if it was a teenage boy losing his virginity to a MILF.

Other players who have been perpetually linked with escapes from their White Hart hell (Hutton, Bentley, dos Santos et al) will probably hopefully move before September waves hello. We'll be tighter for it, squad wise and fiscally. Not a clue about Diarra. Not a clue about Leandro. Although the latter is no stranger to a Tottenham link considering he plays for a club we have a relationship with (appreciative nod for Sandro). Internacional unlikely to let him go now, not for cheap, mainly because he recently signed a new contract (insurance) and the fact he's on form. Perhaps we have first refusal for a later point in the calendar?

If Crouch does go, you would think perhaps someone has to be lined up to retain our cover up top. Wouldn't be a shocker if we didn't replace him. Step up Harry Kane?

So comfortably numb I am. Ignoring Hearts altogether, as mentioned post-United defeat, it would have been better had the Everton game been played. Forces outside of football influencing matters beyond our control and placing it all into perspective, its something we all expected to happen. But it has obviously affected us. Didn't think we looked sharp or at the top of our fitness at Old Trafford. Even though we did showboat with confidence in Edinburgh.

It's almost got a feeling about it that our season actually begins at the Lane against City.

On Sunday afternoon, I'll be hugely disappointed if we don't see a repeat of the effort we stuck into City last season at the Lane - minus a Hart supershow. Things have changed a touch since that game. For one, City have so much depth its embarrassing. If a player like Adebayor is surplus to requirements it means they hardly lack options. It irks me that Adam Johnson has to make appearances off the bench. Its irks me even more that they can have Tevez coming off that same bench.

Harry might underplay it all (I'll ignore his 'we can win the title' comment and just hold back with his 'we can't compete with City' one) but he knows the soundbites are just for the benefit of the media and tv.  Spurs might not have that depth in riches but we're hardly left begging in the streets.

We've been a team, a unit, for a good solid two years. City are still finding their groove. We do, however need to rediscover ours.

Amazingly, Luka Modric...the much maligned and to be fair deservedly so much maligned deep-lying playmaker needs to dig deep and prove his worth to the shirt. Do not underestimate his value to the side. It might appear we are fragmented or 'in crisis' from the outside looking in - but every player seems to echo unity on the training pitch and dressing room. No one has a problem with Luka. No one but the fans in the stands. So best to simply support the team and ignore individual mishaps that have tormented us off the pitch.

It's what you do on it Luka that will define you.

At the time of writing, yet more rumours of an imminent £40M Chelsea bid off the back of Levy's supposed 'forget about it' call to Chelsea HQ. Levy runs game, look at the OS/NDP saga. But his words in the case of Luka Modric contain no ambiguity. Unless we're meant to read between the invisible lines and side with his strategy to engineer and invite a £40M bid by making it seem like nothing but a massive offer would turn our heads to the direction Luka has been facing all summer long.

If that is the case, then the ethos of not selling our top players collapses. Hence why I continue to side with the argument  that the chairman wants to retain the player. £50M or equalivant of? Then my head might turn for the first time.

If he's sold in this window, placing aside the plaudits for what a great chairman we have for earning us £40M we probably wont spend...we may as well broker a deal for Bale now for next summer.

Back to the game...

We've got to put on a show. Again, to be philosophical about it all, if we are out-played or beaten because they simply have more match-winners or they deserve be it. I'll accept most outcomes (of the fair variety) as long as we turn up. But then I know, if we turn up we've got a good chance to turn them over.

I dislike City, the embarrassment that is the Poznan, their mannerisms (Cook) and the whole ethos of the club as it stands presently. It's hardly unlikely for such a project to fail. A false eleven that will find the back of the net with the shouts for offside ignored. Nothing would give me more pleasure (currently) to beat them. Would also shut up certain mainstream media outlets who have already decided who will compete and finish in the top four and elevate us back into positivity.

There is no doubting we are the ones not expected to be slotting the three points into our back pocket at the final whistle.

Early season marker needs to be placed down. With all the obsessive transfer speculation causing bi-polar off the pitch, we need to be crowing as one for what's being played on it.

Love the shirt.


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