I'd rather Barton than Cole. Admit it, you would too...


Okay, so what do I need to blog about today? The Judicial Review. Levy telling Chelsea 'to f**k off' re: Modric. Ade and Diarra practically done (for the 3rd week on the trot). Joe Cole. Hearts 'preview'. Being linked with Parker again. And Joey Barton. Here we go...


High Court drama

It would appear Levy was correct in fighting this with the judge yesterday granting us permission (along with Orient) for our application for a judicial review of the decision to give Olympic stadium to West Ham United. That's a review of the process leading up to the decision that saw us get spanked 14-0. The rather unfair process, that Levy won't let go of. Again, whether this is a case of us proving a point or attempting to claim back money spent or perhaps also gain as much leverage as possible - we don't know. As the chairman pointed out during the OS bid, there are certain things that have to be held back.

As one or two have already pointed out, its only leverage if nobody actually perceives it as that. So when is enough, enough?

Running parallel to this all day yesterday was the suggestion that the Mayor of London was in deep talks with the club relating to support for the NDP and the Tottenham area. What some expected was for Spurs to drop the court case and accept (finally) the money/deal/compromise that would be offered. But for now the 'game' continues.

One thing is for certain though. All of this does not look good for the Olympic Committee and the image of the games being held in England along with the fact that the recent riots (shown across the world) was hardly a great advertisement. N17 needs help. The Olympic Games do not need the adverse publicity. The NDP needs a helping hand.

It's still all very political and Machiavellian. It's still all bluffs and threats. We'll have to wait and see who stands down first.


Levy: You shall not pass

So via Harry (where else would you expect to hear it from?), Levy has instructed Chelsea to give up on Luka not bother with any more bids or pressure via media outlets as the player (as stated countless countless times) is simply not available and will not be sold. In other words, regardless of the cheap ITK headlines news feeds are polluted with from one day to the next, there has been no change in stance by chairman since his very first public announcement/statement.

Player might want to leave. Player might not be completely right in the head either. But as I've said before, Luka's head has not been right since it was turned during the start of the summer. He's obviously injured (carrying a knock) and that's being used as an escape to avoid first time action whilst he sulks and comes to terms with the fact he will have to pull on the Lilywhite shirt again.

Redknapp has probably had to tell him to get his sh*t together. Hence the 'his head aint right' comment.

I don't think he's on strike or even contemplating it. Also think Harry's comment was just Harry being not so articulate with his words as there was nothing much wrong with the rest of his comments when clearly stating 'he's not going to be sold'. He could have just stated Modric was injured and left it at that. We do not need to disclose everything from within the club. But then this is Redknapp we're talking about.

You might want Luka out for the disrespect he's shown to the shirt. I hardly want to hug the bloke myself. But my opinion still remains the same. Honour the contract. The club have to make sure he does just that. If a contract is simply a tool of insurance to gain as much transfer fee money as possible then here's some advice for footballers and their agents. Don't sign massive 6 year contracts and accept the money on offer.


Adebayor and Diarra

I still believe the Adebayor deal was 'done and dusted' a week or two back. Just formalities to be sorted. Just a gut feeling that Levy wants to bundle together all the signings and then reveal all (ooh) at a snazzy press conference. Ade was spotted and photographed with BAE, so there's no doubting he's back in London. The questions surround whether this will be a loan deal or a permanent one.

The other questions (this morning) concern Diarra. Yesterday the Madrid press said the deal was practically done. Now the player himself is saying he isn't moving.

"The information about my departure is a lie. There's no agreement with Tottenham and I don't think there will be"  - Diarra

Cheeky Arsenal bid? There is some logic in perhaps not worrying too much if he decided to reject us. One being the fact he tends to throw a hissy fit if not selected and when Sandro is fit, Sandro will be number one choice (at least you hope that's the case - I'm trying to ignore Harry's favouritism here).

Controversially, I'd just offer Joey Barton a contract. Non-believers, embrace Barton. I'd have him sitting in the middle of the pitch tweeting. He wouldn't even have to play football.

Yes. I did just say that. I've changed my mind on this. I'm easily influenced by Twitter. We need an absolute **** in the midfield to anger up the players and at times embarrass them into fighting rather than falling asleep on the ground sucking thumbs.

I did clearly say controversially, so stop screaming at your monitor.

I doubt West Ham would look to do business with us re: Parker. And to be honest, I dislike Parker more than I dislike Barton. Parker 'the Spurs fan' who rejected Spurs 2/3 times. Top bloke.

Having said all this, perhaps Diarra has simply been instructed to say what he has said. Either by agent or by Spurs. We'll find out soon enough. Tick tock tick tock.


Joe Cole

Don't be so f**king silly.


Breaking the Hearts of Scotland

Luka might play. In fact, the git should be forced to play if he's fit. We'll need someone in the middle to allow the game to flow and possession to be kept as Harry looks to start 'the yoof'. 


Harry Kane. Goal getter.
Tom Carroll. Cultured versatile midfielder (deep-lying midfielder...the English Luka?)
Lewis Hamilton. Energetic winger.

Bookmark Windys blog for all the info you'll ever need on our kids.

Should be a good game, if anything, because Hearts will (should) offer a stern test (more so than what they offered up North) and look to reclaim some pride after their thrashing on home turf. And we finally get to see Kane, a big prospect, show us if he has the touch and maturity to perhaps feature in more games this season rather than just a cameo.

What does remain a massive positive is the fact that we are finally seeing some of these youth players break into first team action. Livermore at Old Trafford did himself proud. Townsend always looks bright, so Kane and Carroll...over to you. No pressure. Seriously, no pressure. If you're at the game this evening, sing up sing up. This is what it's about. Tottenham yoof coming through the academy and wearing the shirt.

Love it.




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