Tweets from the High Court

Confusion and conspiracy still dominates Spurs and the High Court. The suggestion has been that we would drop the legal fight off the back of a promise (you would assume/guess/hope) from Boris Johnson to support Tottenham and the NDP, with Boris himself alluding to this, stating that it was 'very likely' we'd drop the case. A caveat best included here to highlight that plenty of reading between the lines is necessary.

The BBC firstly reported we'd be letting it go then updated their story to say it was still going ahead. Hence the confusion. The conspiracy part remains why Daniel Levy wishes to persist with it. Perhaps because we do in fact have a case? Or that the chairman wants to get money back spent on the premise that we were invited to bid in the first place only to then find ourselves nothing more than a chess piece. Or maybe the OS and this entire process is a chess piece Levy continues to move around the board, brining us back to the question of public funding.

Considering recent events in N17 and the state of the place post-riots, there is government pressure to act regardless.

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Off to the High Court later for latest round of Spurs' legal fight over the Olympic Stadium - or am I? @BBCLdnOlympics

On way to High Court as Spurs appeal against rejection of application for judicial review into decision to give 2012 stadium to West Ham...

..but could be end of road for Spurs if appeal rejected or their lawyers advise abandonment- If case heard will start at 10.30 - updates here

Spurs' QC Dinah Rose arrives at High Court. Suggests club's judicial review appeal into Olympic Stadium decision will go ahead at 10.30

Latest round of Spurs' & Orient's High Court fight v decision to award Olympic stadium to West Ham goes ahead despite last - minute talks

OPLC Ch Exec Andrew Altman in High Court to hear argument of Spurs QC Dinah Rose as club bids for judicial review into 2012 stadium decision

Spurs QC Dinah Rose says Newham loan to West Ham for Oly Stadium was a "distortion of competition" & decision in favour of WHam "unlawful"

So the Mayor says it looks 'very likely' that Spurs will drop legal challenge re stadium decision - it's going ahead right now in Court 2!

Spurs QC arguing that the £40m loan Newham granted WestHam for stadium wouldn't have been available via private bank & was thus "state-aid"

Spurs are effectively arguing that the Newham loan to West Ham constituted state-aid, & was therefore illegal under EU law

Interesting developments in High Court. Judge says Spurs' case is "arguable" (ie has some merit) and refers to "confusion" in Newham case

Adam Lewis QC for Leyton Orient (also seeking judicial review) say PL's decision to permit WH to leave Upton Park compromised by relegation

Judge asks Leyton Orient's QC what club's gate is and what league they play in. Justice Collins clearly not a regular at Brisbane Road

Despite their court hearing appearing to go well, Spurs talks with Mayor re agreement for them to drop legal fight in return for help on ...

...move to Northumberland Park stadium are progressing well - announcement unlikely today but possible.

Judge stresses if he allows judicial review "doesn't mean the case will succeed". Appears to be gearing up to find in favour of Spurs/Orient

To be clear best Spurs can hope for today is that the stadium decision subject to full hearing in future. Would mean uncertainty continuing

2012 stadium judicial review hearing rumbles on. OPLC's counsel Richard Gordon QC on his feet - says Spurs case is "baseless".

Regardless of result of hearing, today has done little for reputation of WestHam/Newham partnership - key to making 2012 stadium viable...

...and if Spurs/Orient do win it casts doubt on London's chance of winning right to host '17 World Athletics Champs, lots at stake in Court2

Breaking: Judge grants permission for Spurs/Orient application for judicial review of decision to give Olympic stadium to West Ham