Spurs knocked out of Europe

No chance for the second leg. It's too much of an ask IMO. I knew Champions League was too good to be true.


Europea League chumps. No wonder Cole chose Liverpool.


Back in the real world, I detached myself from pre-season friendlies after being psychologically shagged up by the thrashing we dished out to Roma, to be proceeded with two measly points from eight games when the proper games kicked-off. So rather than commit suicide after the dismantling of our beloved club this evening, read this quick-sharp review of the game, settle down, and forget about it.

Review by apotccc from GG.co.uk:

Just got back. 

First half was terrible. Boring. We were outclassed completely. But it was a complete mish-mash of a team. For someone that forged a reputation on keeping the game simple, we had a lot of players out of position from Harry in the first half. But it doesn't really matter. Hutton - crap. Just so, so bad. How was he ever seriously linked with Man United? Naughton's not yet good enough to be our 3rd choice right back so he was never going to do anything at left back. We just couldn't keep the ball.

Second half was a lot better. BAE was good I thought. Few times he tried to keep the ball in dangerous positions but it shows he's about retaining possession, hardly renders him shit. Bale a bit dangerous. Walker surprisingly for me good attacking although got beaten a few times at the back. Rose looked tidy in the middle although I doubt he'll ever be serious option, it was more surprising that he wasn't completely outclassed. Gio lively. Crouch confident. Liked the look of Parrett when he came on, and Adel didn't have much time to make an impact although one flick I thought was very clever. 

Pretty bad game but we had a fair few chances second half and so did they. Don't think any conclusions team-wise can be drawn from it. 


Feel free to share your despair here, if that's what takes your fancy. The rest of you, browse porn or summit. The night is still young.