Fantastic news everybody

West Ham are refusing to sell Scott Parker to Tottenham. Don't care much for Parker, sorry. Was a decent player but can't see how he fits into any possible Spurs line-up for the 2011 season. And I don't quite agree with the Upton Park faithful that there's a vendetta being played out by Harry against them (and you thought I was the paranoid delusional one?).

Know your history - Levy and Sullivan are not exactly best buddies. Not that it would stop us bidding for West Ham players, but it's tiresome because they have very little to offer us in the way of improving our current squad and we all know their club motto 'Thou shall not sell to that bigger club who are not really our rivals but we like to dream they are'.

JR Hartley in da house. Back in your box, I'm just teasing.

In all seriousness, if this isn't Levy trying to wind up his old enemy (oh look I'm now as delusional as the WH fans) then it all comes down to Harry actually rating and wanting Parker.

Which more or less sums up this transfer market and the lack of any genuine gobsmackingly good targets. Real targets, not media soundbites.

As for WH, it's all about decent propaganda for their fans, using the Spurs bid to drum home the fact that they are not a selling club.

I mean seriously, this is the news today. It's not slow, it's flipping backwards.