Ground redevelopment twist: The Calling of the Bluff

Just seen this on the BBC. Apparently Spurs are in informal talks about the possibility of making a bid for the 2012 Olympic Stadium.


Hands up if you think Levy is doing this to force the hand of Haringey, who continue to drag their feet with our ground redevelopment plans? Sure, there are financial positives (i.e. less money to spend) if we took the 2012 option. But considering the effort and design of our original proposal to remain where we are - it's time for the local authorities in swanky N17 to get their fingers our of their collective arses and stop with the hurdle placements (which we seem to be jumping over every time regardless).

The recent police and heritage issues reported in one paper appeared to be a little mis-informed (the suggestion was that the new ground would not pass safety regulations and gain it's security certificate). The reality is - everyone involved is hopeful. Every supposed issue can be worked around. And do Haringey really want the best thing about visiting Tottenham gone forever? They'll end up with that lush kebab house on the high street just past the Paxton on the opposite side of the road, where they wrap up the meat. Awesome. But not worth visiting if there's no football to watch straight after.

So I applaud Levy's game of silly buggers. Get stuck in guv.