The Robbie Keane debate continues...

Harry has re-visited prior sound-bites relating to Robert Keane and his future. It's just a repeat of what has been outlined before. Keane plays well, he'll have a job to do but if Keane is unhappy then perhaps a move away is for the best. Harry never says anything close to 'Keane is imperative to Spurs'.

Now I know it's been done to death and people have opinions based on what the player has achieved for us in the past. And that he could, if focused, repeat past glory. Whilst others are not so forgiving (i.e. his move to Anfield) and simply do not see the player as anything more than a spent force. Had his time, its now time to move on.

The crux is - if he stays, would you consider the following strike-force good enough to compete in the EPL and the CL (yes, yes, we still need to qualify):

Keane. Defoe. Crouch. Pav.

I'd say no. Too much of a risk IMO.

We finally make it into the top 4, we have to consolidate our position by strengthening the squad. Considering the riches spent (wasted) in the past on players pre-season, we can't not be looking to improve key positions - and the forward position is key.

Has he played well in our tour of the US? Well, sort of okay. Looked decent against Sporting, if you go on the fact he scored and assisted. But after the Ramos pre-season that resulted in 2 points 8 games, I've decided to completely discount form and results until the season starts. So I guess the answer is floating around in Harry's head. He must know for certain who or what he wants for us. And at the moment, it seems to me like he'd be happy to keep Robbie as a squad player - but if Robbie starts sulking - then it's goodbye.

It just doesn't sound like the player is being backed 100%, so anything less than that fuels reason to believe that Harry will have to be content if we somehow manage to fail in signing a top drawer striker. I don't even get the impression Keane believes in staying at the Lane.

We sent him out on loan last season. I can't quite figure out how perception has changed based on pretty much nothing.