In the know: Tottenham Transfer Exclusive

The tumbleweeds still dominate the THFC landscape this summer transfer window. You only have to look across the barren desert to note that there is simply nothing out there. Other than perhaps a mirage or two. Yes, we have Sandro on his merry way to N17. dos Santos and perhaps one or two others (Adel? O'Hara?) might yet find redemption and a new lease of life in Lilywhite.

But when the Scott Parker non-event seems to be the main talking point along with updated speculation concerning Bellamy - you know that patience is being stretched. Yes, we want the moon on a stick. And yes, we want the club to build on the statement made last season, with 4th, by showing equal measures of ambition; Re-enforcement. But the waiting is killing us. And the headaches caused by those crazy last minute deals will no doubt cause plenty of facepalming and nail biting.

We don't really have a clue what's going on behind the scenes. Whether we have a definitive list of players we want and all the Harry sound-bites are simply mis-direction. Are we waiting to qualify for the CL group stages before we dip into the transfer kitty? Perhaps, perhaps not. One thing is for certain...

Levy isn't about to tell us a thing. So I guess, it's up to the I.T.K. community to once more, rescue us from this abyss of nothingness...

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