Dawson and England

Dawson; gutted and confused with the fact he failed to win a cap pre-squad announcement during England's two friendlies. I bet he's a little (just a little) overjoyed with his call-up in place of the broken Ferdinand (last minute of training, proper merked). Which also means, pressure on Ledley who should be starting alongside Terry. I'm sure they will form a wonderful partnership, what with, you know, Terry...being a...such a nice bloke and stuff.


I guess Fabio must be wishing now (hindsight anyone?) that he did test Dawson, because if (and I hope not) we lose another CB during the competition, it's a baptism of fire for the lad if asked to participate. Although I'm sure Upson would get the go-ahead (it's based on experience not form - it's the England way). Still, another Spurs player travels. What's that now? Five? It's rhetorical. I can count.

Regardless of the back-door (ooh) entry to South Africa - congrats. It's deserved. The footballing Gods obviously want him there.

I bet his missus is gutted.