Do we get to keep our seats in the new stadium?

I know it's early days and appreciate the club are working towards getting everything approved relating to the Northumberland Development Project and our majestic new stadium. And I'm equally grateful for the level of interest shown by the club/chairman re: the supporters input and positively buzzing that Bill Nicholson is being remembered in a fitting way. But there is one thing that I've not managed to see confirmed (although I vaguely remember something post-supporter survey perhaps but can't quite grasp it from the back of my mind) and that is simply this:

Where do the club plan to seat season ticket holders in the new ground?

I'm not talking about first come first served, but rather the option to retain our seat (the equivalent of) in the new stadium if we wish to do so. Thus allowing for an assured transition that people who have sat (stood) together and sang together for years will continue to do just that from practically the same point of view looking out onto the pitch in our new (to be built) home.

You might not be that fussed, but personally would like to see confirmation from the club that they plan to retain seating blocks of fans who wish to remain together. For example - the Park Lane end are suitably moved to say the new kop end thus retaining seasoned vocal support rather than going down the route of let's say Man City, who had a fragmented voice when initially moving to Eastlands where there was no mass movement of blocks of fans. Some would say they still struggle to out sing away fans.

My understanding that from an official standpoint the club have not yet reached the level of detail within the Development project where they look at specific seating arrangements for current season ticket holders. Which is fair enough, as long as the option is one that exists once that level of detail has been achieved.

Like I said, early days, but I believe this is the last piece in the jigsaw with regards to the new development, and it's a vital piece. Looking forward to what Levy and co decide.