Do or die

England captain Steven Gerrard:  

"It is a do-or-die situation. It would be an absolute disaster for this group of players to go home after the group stages - The key is to try and live without fear. There is pressure and fear. But the fear of not winning drives you on. We've come here to stay in this tournament to the end." - via the BBC


We know what we want to see. The players know what we want from them. If they can't find the passion today, they never will. No excuses. Nowhere to hide. Pressure? Of course there is pressure. You are playing for your country. Regardless, you should be able to thrive on it.

Some are saying we are simply not good enough. Citing the failures of our big name players who seem to freeze on this stage far too often. The English mentality draining hope once more, on and off the pitch. How many times do we have to revisit this before we finally quash it?

Pride, honour. The Bulldog spirit.

Just get the f*ck on it England.