It was an honest mistake

On reflection, I was hasty. Just a touch. Hasty to believe that there was an ounce of sincerity in John Terry's press conference. I simply took it for granted - face value - that anything he was going to say in front of the media was with the blessing of the gaffer, rather than his opinion. I ignored the signs of bitterness and politics, because, well, I assumed surely he wouldn't have the balls to be so deft, so subtle with delicately placed low-blow punches (or bull in a china shop depending on your standpoint). No wonder his forehead was drenched in sweat. But, softly spoken, he answered the questions and seemed to be fairly upfront and honest. Conspiracy did not enter my mind.

The aftermath to all this includes Fabio's comment on JT 'making a big mistake' and stating all they did was watch the Algeria match during the famed meeting and along with Lampard's debunking and defusing of all the media assumptions and their reading-between-the-lines leaves us with further contradictions. Lampard in fact cleansed the comments made by Terry, suggesting the media had taken it all too seriously, all too literally, adding their own spin on his words and reading too much into it. Mutiny the buzz word. When apparently, the reality of the situation is that all players are behind Fabio and Fabio rules the dressing room.

I guess, considering I dismissed any alleged conspiracy theory a little too casually here, perhaps there was an agenda of sorts that has now been stone-cold crushed by Capello. Terry might have been trying his luck. An act of desperation. Petulance. Doing what he does at Chelsea in the England set-up. Up to you how you wish to translate it all and then weigh it up with what Lampard said in his clean-up interview.

There is plenty of ambiguity to be found. And we know this for certain because of what Fabio stated ("At the meeting we saw the Algerian game, we saw the mistakes without comments. Afterwards there was no comments"). Delusional Terry planting seeds of discontent? Or was he just a bit thick about it, thinking that the meeting would be a two-way thing? And thus, this was his big mistake. Talking to the press about matters that should be retained in-house rather than shared with the journos. We all know how they can twist and how we (the fans) can knee-jerk. Slap on the wrist, nothing to see here.

You might prefer to believe that what Fabio (re: the meeting) was the real clean-up job here, masking the fact that it's all gone to shit behind the scenes.

'I swear I never meant for this I never meant...'

Hopefully, as of today, there is no disharmony within the squad. If there is, let's pray they are men, big and bold enough to place egos aside and unite for their country.

I hope we smash Slovenia. Because then none of this conjecture will be of any consequence to us going forward and we can finally talk about football again. Beautiful cross-ball passes, dinks, flicks, marauding runs and spectacular goals.

Three Lions on a shirt. It's about time we were reminded of what this meant and how best it can play out.