'Bring me the head of Harry Redknapp'

Are people really calling for the head of Harry Redknapp to be served up on a plate with side salad and chips?

Apparently so. There was an article over at Football 365 that cited Guus Hiddink as a replacement (irony of Hiddink and his prior tax issues not lost on me). Are we doing it again? We're a point off 4th not struggling in the bottom three. Harry hasn't even had a full season in charge of the team yet. I know there were reasons for not wanting him in the first place, many to do with his general persona, self-centred priorities, West Ham connections, the fact he would probably up and leave if someone 'bigger' came in for him. And there are questions over his lack of tactical cutting edge to truly make battle with the Prem's disjointed elite. However - arguably - this is the first time he's been at a club of this type of stature. So perhaps he has a learning curve to get through before things even out for him. If he fails to prove he can manipulate the outcome of games with clever switches and substitutions - then the only person who will matter is Levy because he'll have to look at bringing in someone who aspires for absolute perfection (love to know where we can pick one up from).

Let's face it, if this current run of form is considered a 'crisis' then bloody hell, I wouldn't shrug at a couple of these a season if this is as bad as it gets. Think back not too long ago and compare.

Yep. Exactly. Not so depressing now is it?

I know that if we want a team that can seriously compete, then we need a winners mentality - one that is not drowned in self-pity and excuses. So I understand that accepting this current lull is not the way forward - but let's face it. We just don't have the right balance of players. Far too many apologetic personalities who seem to switch off far too easily. Too many remnants of the Tottenham disease remain dormant within the club. The comfort culture has yet to be eradicated.

I do agree there is plenty to suggest Redknapp is not the man with the tools to exterminate every last infestation. But his early work at Spurs is evidence enough that he can inspire and muster up spirit and pride.

Things are not quite right at the minute but they're a long way off from being disastrous, and with 12 games left and 3 additional more required for a potential Wembley trip - we can't frown and start throwing our season tickets at the directors box just yet (I'll give word for when to do so).

There is no room for another sideways step. Consistency and avoidance of another transitional season is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, what's the point? Knee-jerking at the first sign of trouble is truly the most gutless of solutions and will simply set us back, again.

Maybe fans need a fix every couple of seasons. People find it easier to cope with disappointment when there is a brand new start made, one that begins with a new face at the helm. Patience is not a valuable commodity in modern day football and cutting our losses and re-booting seems to get everyone up for yet another journey/adventure. Like a tap of a vein and the roll back of eyes, we get high off it.

Stability is holding the hand of patience, lost and without a compass. I personally think Harry can bring that stability to the club

If Harry doesn't quite make things work (this season or next or because of matters of a non-footballing nature) the issue at hand will be altogether a completely different type of beast. Considering we'd have tried everything (ex-legends, continental, back to basics - to name a few) the only remaining option would be Jack the Ripper. Someone to expertly rip out the guts. Last thing we need is someone who appeases the current batch. I'd love to see a manager at Spurs, in his first press conference, sit down and state 'this was a big club, it isn't anymore' rather than talk us up and quote the Glory days and how we deserve to be successful.

Can we start to write history than simply quote it all the time? I continue to live in hope.

There are many other clubs that aspire to break up the monopoly. They’ve probably not spent as much money as we have. But the fact remains - Rome wasn't built in a day. And it’s a sad fact, breaking the top 4 is not an easy task. As long as were knocking on its door then we're doing something right. Putting our foot through it is the next step forwards. Whether it's Harry's…we'll have to wait and see.

It seems when we were doing very well everyone was happy to support him and shout that he could possibly lead us to the Holy Grail. If Harry was simply a quick-fix interim who saved us from relegation, then let's just play out the season first before we pass further judgement. Support him and our fragmented team until the very end.

It's not over yet. The moment it is, I'll let you know. I'll be selling Redknapp effigies outside the ground for you to string up to your hearts content.