Spurs v Villa: the tweets

1st Half

If Spurs win today, we can win the title, if we lose, we'll finish 7th

Gomes; Hutton, Kaboul, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon, Modric, Palacios, Bale; Van der Vaart; Defoe = Glory

One minute gone and we already look f****** s***. I'm switching off.

Liked the work for the Defoe effort

Gomes. The man with two brains. The two brains of lobotomised monkeys.

@PhilBlundell Yep. It lacked something. But he's lacked that extra buzz since his return. He'll come good (re: Defoe's effort)

Villa fans giving Bale special treatment. Not getting that.

Illustration of why we are way off the finished article. Too open at the back. No stamp of authority in the middle.

Did look like 1-0 to us though. Can we have one of our two reviews please?

@Becky_Fowler it's regulation Spurs (re: end to end football)

Villa fans now celebrating goal keeper catches

Lovely (1-0 Spurs)

Wonderful cross field ball that to start it off

RT @Will_Hoe: 'Van Der Vaart' roughly translates into English as 'Sit On My Face'.

huttons cross was quite funny though

it was the most apologetic cross I've seen, 'here I come someone get on the end of me, seriously, i'm on my way in'

lets have another one

If only Modric had a 16 out of 20 with his shooting

RT @xActionMaNx: Am I allowed say Defoe has been poor ?? #Coys

@xActionMaNx Thanks for the hoodoo

Soft soft soft red card, ridiculous decision

When are refs going to be held accountable for being ****? it's a fair question.

Gonna be a long game. it's simple. We'll still create chances. We just have to be clinical.

@SpursSimon No intent, assistant gave it (re: red card)

That's it Spurs. Fight.

@aronmoore vdv = mental strength

Bale needs a half time hug from arry

DVD of the last five minutes of the half now available for download at the online Spurs Shop

2nd Half

Obvious half-time assessment: We need to be scoring the next goal

@davidwong1966 We can score a second for sure

People who call BAE - A&E...suck it up

Is Defoe on a two match ban then? (yes I know, we'll appeal hopefully)

Beautiful (2-0 Spurs)

Devastating yet calm, controlled and composed counter

@TomTraubert2009 Sunday Supplement would have a special 3 hour show to discuss it (re: if someone like Utd had scored the goal)

Here we go...

Cheap goal, nobody's fault, but cheap (1-2)

@TomTraubert2009 Drama queen. (re: Is Gomes a soft lad)

RT @Will_Hoe: BLOW THE F***** WHISTLE.

Right - off to get p*****d. Laters.

@bglendenning Okay for Spurs players to smile at the end of the game? Just asking.

@Spooky23 Beating Villa surely entitles them to do laps of honour and pour big tubs of water over Harry Redknapp

@ The open bus parade is today at 2pm




Palacios is back baby. Superb work rate and decent distribution. Modric and van der Vaart were classy. The cross field pass from Luka just absolutely fantastic and vdv's goals sublime. His finish for the first was quality but the flick to start the second and the patient yet pacey work leading up to the winner was just beautiful (team effort mind). Kaboul was powerful (could have defended their goal better perhaps or was Wilson at fault with his sole mistake losing the ball in attack?) and BAE undroppable (one word: backheel). Hutton not overlapping and getting in the way of Azza. Crouch doing a job when brought on. All good.

Never a red for Defoe, thought the ref and his assistants were all over the shop with their decision making. But the strength in character (illustrated by the possession towards the end of the first half) was first rate. Professional and without panic.

Bale was kept quiet but instrumental in the winner. Harry showing passion on the touchline dealing with the repugnant Pires. Rafa showing passion in the dugout too which is something you want to see from all players. The will and determination to win because wins breed a winning mentality and that breeds momentum.

Enjoying Christmas? Robert Pires, suck it up.



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