It's not about winning the title

This is what happens when you drink too much rum.


What do Spurs need to push for the title? I guess more of the same from the rest of the top tier of the Prem: Inconsistency. Because this year the best team might not finish in top spot. Rather the team that takes the initiative and goes on a run once or twice or thrice could well pull away and apply the pressure on those chasing. So rather than discuss the validity of whether Spurs could or what they would need to challenge for 1st place – I’d rather tag it with ‘what Spurs need to be consistent’.

The definition of consistent for us is: Remain hard to beat at home but win more games, beat the ‘small’ clubs away and continue to build on winning away to a Top 4 (traditional top 4) club.

So in terms of plays required: A world class forward. Think Drogbaesque in style, intent and end product. Another midfielder – believe it or not, I think mainly because of our injury problems if we can bring in a quality stop-gap player we’ll be ridiculous in strength of depth once all players are back. That’s it. Along with having the same back four play ahead of Gomes. The other ingredient is belief which comes with winning games and jumping over hurdles and swaggering past obstacles. Which we are doing with some pomp this season.

Like I said. You don’t have to be the best team to win the league this season. Not going on the games played thus far in the EPL. And you don’t even have to refer to it as a ‘title push’. Just aim for the momentum that would result in upwards progression. We can only effect everything within THFC. Everything outside is beyond our control.


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