Fourteen from Six

Evening. Almost morning. And I'm still part-time blogging until the New Year due to other commitments. Mostly rum. And The Ashes. Thought I'd share this. Form guide for the Prem.

In a nutshell:

We are second in the table. 14 points from the last six games. 12 points from the last six home games and 10 from the last six away games. In contrast, Chelsea are nineteenth in the table with just 3 points from their last six. Also delightfully ironic is this:


Aston Villa



That's the bottom four. Almost feel gutted we didn't take our chances in that first half against the blue scum. However, would be a perfect end to 2010 and start to 2011 if we pick up six more points in our next two fixtures.

We don't lose often at the Lane but we draw far too many. Let's keep it simple. Win. Win <- next two N17 games. That should iron out the inconsistent home patch quirk. All eyes on the battering ram in black and white tomorrow. All eyes on van der Vaart in Lilywhite.

And Modric. And Bale. And Lennon. And Palacios. Go on then, and Dawson, and Kaboul and...