Robbie Keane: Captain or Scapegoat?

He's always divided opinion - but on form, he's as good as it gets OUTSIDE of the top 4. And when played alongside a genuine world class player (although I guess this is debatable, re: Berba being world class) he is more than triffic. On his day. But are those days behind him now?

Should he be team captain? I'd say no to that personally. Error made by HR for two obvious reasons. First, he left the club and was only signed back because Defoe got himself injured. Secondly, considering the 'experience' he had at Anfield, it's not like he came back brimming with confidence, regardless of his prior loyalty and goal-scoring record. Although you could argue that he did help us out in those early games that saw us push gradually upwards. But it wasn't a dynamic Keano of old, leading from the front like he had a thousand firecrackers up his arse. It was more akin to holding up a single sparkler and waving it around. He lacks the fireworks since Rafa ruined him. Ruined, but not beyond rebuilding.

Does he deserve some of the negativity and abuse being dished out to him on message boards and in the stands? IMO, no he doesn't. But then stick around and watch how some of the village idiots turn on other players (and the manager) when we manage to get ourselves unstuck. Keane splits the fans much like Jenas does.

He's an easy target at the moment just because he doesn't hit it as often as we'd like. Big debate ongoing over at where all the Spurs melters live ( Here's some of the sound-bites in a thread that simply asks: Why, after such a good performance, is there STILL scapgoating? (in reference to Keane playing well against Liverpool).


I am referring to the frankly ignorant bashing of our team captain, Robbie Keane. I mean why? The bloke had a really good game yesterday, was at the heart of most things good, missed one sitter yes but saw two great saves on him, linked supremely well, yet the bashers come out with a f@ck this and f@ck that, someone even complains about the amount of time it took him to limp off the field (indeed, he should've been jogging n that injured foot, and if he did that then you'd be saying he should waste more time!)...

The guy cannot win. And I think it's pathetic. Seriously. Pathetic - thfcsteff

He's a shadow of the player he was, who has shown his true colours. I support him while he is on the pitch but that doesn't mean I have to like him or rate him. Personally, I'd rather any of the other strikers at the club played instead of him because in my opinion they are all better than him - ledleysswollenknee

The Keane bashing is ridiculous. He finally looked his old good self again yesterday and I thought he had a great game. Some people are just bitter cunts. We hate the likes of Campbell who leaves us on a free, not Keane who we got 20 fucking million for. Was good to see that he could play well with Defoe too - disc0

He missed chances which could have won us the match. He has been crap since re-signing and yesterday, although one of his better games, was too wasteful to be deemed a good performance. People see him as a traitor, especially due to his poor form on returning to Spurs, and many are angered by the fact he seems to be 'stealing' Ledley's captaincy and has attained an 'undroppable' status. Objectively I think he didn't have a great game, but shouldn't suffer the abuse he is now getting. I don't think he should be in the first team, even if Crouch wasn't fit enough yesterday, Pav's performance against Olympiakos, for me, meant he should have played ahead of Keane - Pandy

Keane isn't a clinical finisher, we all know that. He had a good, very Keane-esque game. If he makes 3 chances like that for himself every game I'll be quite happy - McBoggers

Keane is becoming such a controversial player that even the press and match commentators are picking up on the observation that he looks past it.

Even his body language and look doesn't resemble the old Keane... I guess he is really struggling now, and his 60 min substitution looks to me the first nail in his career coffin for spurs.

My loyalties are to the club - and I'd be happy to sell Keane if we can find a replacement. Fine you may think Keane is good, I think we need and have always had better in attack. If Keane has to start, he has to perform; if he is a striker he has to be expected to put away chances with ruthless efficiency. Lets not make apologies for underperformance - metalgear


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So, should Robbie Keane still be captain? Should he start games ahead of Crouch or Pav? Has Robbie Keane lost it?

Love or hate?