Penalty? Who cares?

Morning. Just some random thoughts on the weekend:

Everton's defending. Akin to blindfolding schoolboys and feeding them ketamine.


How about that Crystal Palace goal ruled out because the officials failed to see the ball fly into the back of the net? Here's a clue it was legit. The scorer wheeled off to celebrate followed by his team mates and the opposition looked down at the ground in despondency of conceding the goal. What exactly did the ref think was going on? Some kind of elaborate illusion? Let's pretend we scored and we might fool everyone we did. No surprise the officials have been suspended pending a little review.


According to Mark Hughes, re: their chase for Lescott and Moyes criticism of City:

"I'm not surprised David feels a bit aggrieved with the situation, you always are when a big club is trying to sign one of your best players."

I didn't know Spurs were interested in signing Lescott? Well in.


So was it a penalty or not? Rafa is balling his eyes out about it. BAE barging Voronin off the ball. On the basis of the game as a whole - we deserved to win. Statistically, they didn't get anywhere near us. And the fact that the first penalty (the one given) was an absolute gift should be a clear indication that the Spanish waiter should spend a little more time concentrating on his side fragmented play which lacked any sort of rhythm and decisiveness. The only other effort of note on goal was yet another penalty claim, again BAE involved, the ball hitting his chest (at least that's what it looked like to me) and even if it did hit his arm it would have been harsh to point to the spot. Ekotto enjoying his day.

As for us, feet firmly back on the ground. Right? The euphoria of claiming thee points in our opening game of the season is over. I was already high on the fact that we were given a home fixture to kick-off the season for the first time in 5 or so years. Perhaps the FA's IT guys have finally found and eliminated the Trojan virus left in the fixture list computer software that David Dein carefully planted many years ago. Regardless, having partied into the night with generous quantities of coke and hookers, I'm now having to be a little more philosophical about Sunday. Yes, we won. Several of our players battled well. Liverpool were fairly crap with little clout around the midfield area making it comfortable for Wilson and Tommy.

We are not exactly push-overs at home either (1 loss in 23), so perhaps the win wasn't as unexpected as it appeared to be to some. Not taking anything away from the result or the performance. Well I am I guess. Just placing it into perspective. It's Hull away where we find out if we have the right stuff for competing in the top-half of the table, the bit where 6th and 5th place sit. We've managed to compete against the Top 4 more and more over the past season or so. It's the pesky 'small teams' that need to be brushed aside.

Still, three points - one game. Opening day nose-bleeds are lush. I'll leave you with another gem from Studs-Up. Enjoy.