How do we fix him? Play him? Bench him? Hug him?

Does he even need fixing?

He's a bit lethargic. Expect more from him. The way he's moving around, he's just cumbersome. Okay, so he shows us glimpses and there are positives but it's not in anyway a complete performance. It's all we get from him. He's disappointing and not showing signs of improvement. Not in a big-step kinda way.

Jenas right? Huddlestone? Nope. Neither.

Wilson Palacios.

The question is simply this. If Wilson's current and recent displays (arguably nowhere near the tenacious and disciplined marshal of the midfield we were blessed with at the back end of last season) belonged to either the much maligned JJ or Hudd - we’d be crucifying them. Not that we don't anyway.

Are we too soft on Palacios simply because we know that when he's on song, he's a monster of a player (unlike the other two who are not quite at the same level of expectancy and delivery)? Or does he still offer too much to ignore even when he's not at his very best? Meaning he still has a positive effect on the side and tactics.

Is he perhaps immune to really loud criticism? Interested to know what people think. Interested to know if some of you are even aware that he's not quite 100% at the minute, because opinions on this seem to vary depending on who I'm talking to/reading.

Personally, he has to be there in the mix of things regardless. Because we don't have another option. Which is not the best way to handle the matter. His form is a little confused at the moment, especially his passing. But take him out of the side, and where does the protection came from? Hence the need for an understudy come this Jan transfer window.


Is there a problem?
Is he detrimental to the side when not playing well (because of the importance of his role)?
Do we have to be patient and wait for him to reclaim form?
Will he do so when the team finds a satisfying equilibrium?

I believe in the lad. Smashing lad he is. And he's no Zokora, who was also a smashing lad, just lacked a brain.

I just can't seem to work out why General Wilson is 'suffering' at the moment (other than the personal problems he experienced the death of his brother). Which might answer my question.