Losing to Utd, again

First it's Paul Barber, leaving us for the MLS. And now John Alexander, our club secretary, on his way out of White Hart Lane to pastures new. That's Manchester United, where all things Spurs end up, eventually. Daniel Levy's inner circle is in a state of flux. If you're wondering what John did, I'll let the boys and girls over at GG educate you on why this is a loss (although personally for John, its hard for him not to move on, as with Barber he's a career man). In a nutshell, Alexander is considered one of the best. Even if he's part of the furniture that you don't ever really find yourself sitting on, without it, the room is not complete.

Over the past 25 years Spurs have had the best secretaries in the league, Peter Day, Peter Barnes and John Alexander. Peter Day was head Hunted by the FA, Peter Barnes moved to West Ham and now we are on the verge of losing John Alexander.

The role of club secretary in very in depth. like the nerve centre  on a day to day basis of running the club. the responsibility of contracts, banned players notification to FA of bookings and discipline records. Application for work permits, visas for travel and the arrangements for overnight hotel stays for the team when playing away games. I can personally vouch for these three as very hard working people.
- sidtheyid

He is quite simply the best club secretary around...involved in pretty much everything which has seen us behaving like a top 4 club despite only having a 36,000 seat stadium and never having been in the Champions League...those manc bastards!!! they did this once before to our backroom staff, the chap's name slips me, but he was our marketing/merch chap in the early to mid-90s. he's the one who was seen as being responsible for building them into a true global brand and he revolutionized merching of stuff with those megastores. that would've been us...
- thfcsteff

Big loss this. Levy's inner circle for the past few years has been Alexander, Barber and Collecott. Alexander is also the 4th person who sits on infamous 'gang of four' transfer committee. Very well liked and hugely respected by all accounts. 
- Gutter Boy

The question (the obvious one) being asked is whether Alexander is going to take with him intimate knowledge of all our players contracts - and clauses - to a club that picks off our best players every couple of seasons. Knowing Levy (not personally, the court order would never allow it) I'm hoping that there are one or two legal stipulations that would protect us - but then again, Alexander is leaving us for a new job. Other than gardening leave, which he wont be on, there is next to nothing we can do if he wanted to share any information about the club.

Modric to Utd then. Done and dusted.