Half-time: Utd 2 Spurs 0

I wish for once we wouldn't lube up and bend over for Utd.

This is why playing a make-shift side doesn't work. Lack of continuity equates to disjointed effort. Can't fault the football played by us, but there's a distinct lack of cutting edge or final killer ball and finish and it's been punished by two great Gibson goals, both of his efforts invited on by a statuesque Spurs defence. Our inability to perform with belief against the Red Devils has taken a firm and savage bite out of our Lilywhite backside. Again. And no need for a helping hand from the ref either. We lack any type of punch.

You can argue Utd have two undeserved goals based on balance of play, but if our players are going to stand and watch then be prepared to be embarrassed.

For all the possession, it's been powder-puff. Bentley has to sharpen up, Wilson has to pass the ball to team-mates rather than into space or a red shirt. Bale has looked useful (going forward). And the fringe players should be making a statement of intent for Harry to make note of. At the minute, their words can barley be heard.

Second half to bring us joy? We can dream. Early goal from us and we might have a better second half. Defence has to work as a unit and the forwards have to be a tad more alert.

Urgency please. In abundance.