Full-time: Utd 2 Spurs 0

What a wasted evening. Devoid of any urgency and lacking in the willingness department. First half, played well, for what felt like a reserve game with first team cameos who would have preferred to have stayed home. For all the passing and movement, no end product going forward and very little structure at the back which saw Gibson lap up the time to score two superbly taken goals. You would, wouldn't you? It would be rude not to. So in fact, we didn't actually play that well to go in at the break 2-0 goals down.

I hate these types of games. They bore me. I end up showing the same type of commitment to the game as the players out there are giving. Am I being overly harsh? Perhaps, but if Harry was truly dis-interested in winning this game, then play (genuine) kids rather than fringe players who are more lost than a polar bear on a tropical island.

Talking of which...

Bentley is a lost cause. But then when you're playing cameo football every now and again for sides made up of other half-players, you'll unlikely to have oomph to your game. You should, theoretically, play out of your skin. But the lad is beyond saving. I'm not basing it on tonight. Its an assessment based on his time at Spurs. If he could play in any other position other than right-wing he might have stood half a chance. Not his fault tonight though. He did provide us with some entertainment with his wayward free-kicks.

Palacios was very poor. Hardly noticed Keane. Crouch should have started. Bale had mad skillz top end of the field but his positioning is not exactly worthy of a Julie Andrews sing-a-long. Lennon was under-used. Seriously under-used IMO. Best moment of the game was the final whistle. This was a game made for radio.

There's not that much more to say tbh. Feel for Spurs fans who travelled up there to watch what was a complete snoozefest. Three points away to Everton, otherwise this defeat will actually hurt a little come the end of the weekend.

Levy will be gutted. No cheap-to-make merchandise that the joys of a Wembley final would have given us.

Straight to Betamax.