Cup or 4th?

Plenty of discussion about whether we should take tonight's Carling Cup quarter-final seriously. It's a quarter-final, of course we bloody should. Yes, fighting tooth and nail for 4th spot is (should be) the priority, but we are but one game from yet another semi-final. Why on earth should we sacrifice it when we have plenty in reserve? If Harry does want to rest some of the more important members of the first team, that's fine. Although I'd probably just play a full strength team and instruct the players to go out there and tonk them. Need to score at least two goals to cancel out the penalty Utd will no doubt be given at a pinnacle moment in the game. Clattenberg is the referee. Happy happy joy joy.

One thing is for certainty, Utd will not be at full strength - but they do have great depth, so this won’t be an easy evening either way. We've not beaten them at Old Trafford for nearly 20 years. Utd are also unbeaten since being knocked out of the competition the year we won it.

The Prem can wait. The players will have time to 'recover' in time for the weekend. Just stick Defoe up front and keep Niko (edit: he's cup tied...oh hum) in the side. I'd even give Pav a run-out. We owe the Mancs for the 5-2 and the disappointing final last season. In fact the players owe us (the fans) for caving in and collapsing practically every time we are faced with Fergie's team up there.

I can't believe for a second that Redknapp would give up the chance of another Wembley appearance, so pinch of salt with any of the dramatics you've read in the press in the past day or so. I want silverware. And 4th. Four more sets of 90 mins isn't going to ruin our chances in the league.

2-1 Spurs.