I'm declaring war on Honduras

I'm shaking my fist oh so vigorously in their direction. Those pesky Central Americans.

Wilson Palacios has been ordered to remain in his home nation 'to party' after Honduras qualification to the World Cup finals for the first time since 1982. The country's ruling militia junta have ordered the players to attend a celebration in the capital. Wilson doesn't even drink. The poor lad. There's nothing worse being stuck at a party with a load of drunks, listening to their fables in the kitchen while you try to keep up with their slurs. But who is he to ignore the Presidents wish and delay his flight back by 24 hours?

So off to Pompey we go without our midfield enforcer. We probably would have had a jet-lagged version had he arrived back when originally expected anyway. Instead we need to look towards a possible Huddlestone/Jenas centre pairing with King back in defence, possibly with Woody back there too.

Not all is lost.

However if Kevin Prince-Boateng does manage to run rings around us, then expect a miltary coup closer to home. There is no excuse losing a midfield tussle to Portsmouth - with all due respect to them. And although I can't really do that much to Honduras themselves (other than possibly sending them a damning e-mail) I will take out my frustrations in other ways.

I know where Chirpy drinks his morning cup of coffee. I will have no qualms in kicking the git in the shins. Hard. What has this got to do with Wilson and his delayed return to Spurs? Nothing. But it will make me feel a whole heap better.