Don't mess with the Maradona


Love him or hate him, you never get a boring moment when Diego Maradona flexes his ego. Whether its belly-flopping in the rain in celebration or telling a journalist to keep on sucking, it's been an emotional qualification campaign for the best footballer of all time who was also a pretty decent drugs fiend too. His latest vocal outburst concerns his nations footballing journalists not-so-cute criticism of his tactics, selection and general performance as the Argentine boss.

He's not very good at coaching. Ok, so his record doesn't look too shabby on paper - Played 13 Won 9 Lost 4 - but considering the wealth of talent at his disposal, Argentina have looked disjointed and clumsy. And I can hardly ever say I agree with some of his ethics on and off the pitch, but I found his assault on the question-asking-reporter quite delightful. Diego is a massive melting pot.  I hope we get Argentina in the World Cup.

FIFA are investigating this and he faces a 5-match ban apparently. He wouldn't change a thing. All black and white to Diego.