Crouch bested by David Beckhams beard

England win. Crouchie scores two goals. Barry performs well. So obviously, David Beckham is awarded the man of the match by Steve 'Peter Crouch would have got it but he turned me down in the summer know...' Bruce. Excellent. It's been a week of insightful insightfulness, topped by Phil McNulty's blog that included this gem:

"If Rooney is fit and in form England are contenders to win the World Cup. If he is not they are not - it is as stark as that"

On the nail stuff from Phil there. His clarification on the subject of our chances remains essential reading.

"If England turn up in South Africa and don't manage to miss their plane, they might stand a chance of winning it if they peform and win all their games"

That's a preview of his next one.

IMO, the only thing worthy of discussion from last nights 3-0 win against Belarus is Beckham's beard. Absolutely tremendous effort from the great man. Completley untrimmed around the sides making him look like a metrosexual Wolverine, with an additional ginger tinge on his moustache. It's actually more Adam Ant than Adamantium.

He was ok when he came on. Did spark some life into the side, but arguably nothing spectacular. Still, no bitterness. We all love Becks. But anyone would think he re-invents silce bread everytime he pulls on an England shirt.

Elsewhere, apparently Adriano has been offered to us for free. Which is a bit like two Irish blokes in a white van stopping you in the street and asking you to take a look at some laptops - for such a cheap price it's practically free - and you think its too good an offer to turn away and part company with your money to then find that when you open the case two Evian bottles of water are staring back at you.

International break is OVER. Rejoice.

Woodgate is on the mend. Modric is a couple of weeks away from a return. And King might just play against Pompey.

Happy days. Let's get back to business.