Spurs Paradox of the day

We buy players who will need time to develop at the expense of settled, sensible buys for the correct positions, but at the same time the board demands immediate success from our coaches.
~ DanishWhite, gg.net

Brilliant nail-on-the-head observation that. If completely and utterly obvious to Spurs fans (but not our esteemed chairman).

We simply do not have the right people running the club. Sometimes the easiest solution to a transfer conundrum is just that.....'go with the easiest solution'. And yet we somehow manage to dig ourselves into a deeper mess.

Is Levy seeking the best media/fan friendly Tottenhamesque signing each and every time we dive into the transfer market?

I refuse to believe their excuse regarding players of quality are hard to come by. Its possible they have targets - ones which would wet our pants with glee - but they couldn't finalise them. But chasing these glory players when we desperately need steel in midfield staggers me and the rest of us.

Bentley, Gio, Pav - etc - are additions rather than the necessities we are crying out for. But it's all too late now.

Roll on, Jan transfer window, for more of the same, I'm sure.

Spookyglory glory, random