Turning point will come

Ok. I think I had a knee-jerk reaction earlier. Not to excuse the shower of shit on display today, but the best thing for it is for these players and the management to dig deep(er) and drag us out of this mediocre slum and back to the land of the living. Starting with the defence of the Carling Cup.

The two clubs in permanent turmoil clashing for Cup honours. They need to kick-start their season. So do we. Roll on.

As for Ramos and the team. There is no need for speak about sacking the manager or the manager walking. Juande has no reason to walk. There's no pay-off if he does so - both for his reputation and his bank account. Spurs need stability and the panic button will not be pushed unless we sit in the bottom three come Christmas. Sacking him would cost Levy a fair bit (thank God we sold Berba for £30M and not £25M, hey?).

No. Let Ramos earn his wage. Get over losing the front two. Work on Bent and Pav's partnership in training. Work out the best midfield - defence and attacking duties. And get the best eleven on paper, making changes when necessary rather than drastically chopping and changing every game.

Now the optimism might be because of the rum and coke and the hooker who's about to knock on my door for a nightcap, but colour me white and blue.....this team will wake up. It has to. If it doesn't, then it fully deserves to fall into a coma and wake up to Doncaster away.