Make 'em smile

David Seaman is apparently finding it difficult to wipe the smile from his face. No, he hasn't just watched the Coen Brothers latest comedy 'Burn after Reading'. Seaman is quite blatantly talking about the plight of Tottenham Hotspur (bottom of the league, if you've not been following the soccer recently). He also revealed (to Jeremy Kyle on TALKsport) that Ramos needs to learn English. Cutting edge stuff this.

It's behind you!

Ronaldinho in Japan in the World Cup. Nayim from the half-way line in a European final. Gascoigne from 35 yards at Wembley, in the FA Cup. About time he found something he could smile about.

Glad the Spurs could be of service David. Now if you don't mind....vete a la verga o vete a la mierda.

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