Two Lions

Great to see England finding a decent stride in their qualifying group. 4 wins on the trot. Rooney on fire. Even our U-21's are doing the business, with Huddlestone and O'Hara instrumental, helping to get us past Wales. All-action Hudd managing to score from a free-kick and get sent off. Whether either ever make the grade to the first team (England) proper is altogether another thing (which you can file under 'hardly bloody likely').

As for our reserves, with Taarabt, frustratingly good one second, inexperienced imp the next and Bostock smacking the goals in for the academy - I'd like to think we'll make some use of the 7 subs on the bench rule to blood some of forgotten Spurs kids.

All this on the assumption that if they're good enough then they should play a part. But are they anywhere near good enough and is selecting them for a team thats struggling the wrong time to do so?

Bostock is three years younger than Hoddle was when he made his debut for Spurs (in another desperate season from our past). Taarabt is possibly the wrong type of player required at the moment. In fact, talking about the youth players as options is as desperate as hoping Ghaly might make a return to the squad. We need our experienced costly players to finally show their class.

Huddlestone and O'Hara on will probably be involved this weekend - unless Ramos prefers Zokora in the middle. O'Hara, would give us some much needed bite compared to Zokora who will just run around without any end product. Hudd is likely to be an impact sub if he plays any part.

If we ever start winning games again then maybe the likes of Bostock and Taarabt will be given an opportunity but the general form of the first team regulars and their attempts to reclaim some confidence and class is a tad more important.

SpookyEngland, yoof