Levy no show

Posted by 'Get Levy Out' (I would assume it's someone from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust as it's his first post on GG.net and claims to be ITK) yesterday:

Sorry if this has been posted but it appears Daniel Levy has turned his back on the fans.

The supporters trust were due to meet with board earlier this week but the meeting was cancelled due to Levy being concerned that one of the more militant members of the trust board may question the way the club has been run.

The club has finally taken the step to divorce itself from its long suffering fan base. As good as an admission of failure to me.

This comes all at a time when the THST chairman Daniel Wynne is stepping down from his role.

Daniel needs to be replaced by a chairman who is going to be firm with the club and willing to take action when the club acts against the wishes of the fans.

Unfortunately the trust have closed new membership (a worrying sign that the club may be trying to influence the result of the chairman vote).

For me, the time to disolve the supporters trust is here as they can no longer be called independent from the club. A proactive action group prepared to take our club back.needs to be formed...

More to follow...

Bit of a PR disaster this for our esteemed chairman. Although how relevant the Trust genuinely is, is debatable. Asking a few questions is neither here or there based on the fact that Levy generally tells fibs. The fact I don't know probably speaks volumes about just how effective and prominent such an organisation is. I'm sure their intentions have always been good, so no offence to anyone who represents the Trust. In their defence, they are the only official recognised 'voice of the fans'. Even if most fans don't even know their exist.

It's all a bit shambolic when the chairman avoids the proposed meeting. Does he expect me to show up and ask the questions? Daniel Wynee (the chairperson of the Trust) is stepping down, so its possible that Levy sees this whole exercise as redundant. Especially if a more militant member takes the helm and asks one or two heart pulsating questions.

If we sat pretty in the Top 4, Levy would be there with bells on. Seems a bit gutless that in this quite horrid time he doesn't see fit to appease as a little. And the Trust no doubt is losing out on some primetime.