The Corner-Pin Incident

It would seem that Spurs fans are not the only people who read my blog. There I was, hiding, but with a full view of the pub waiting for loyal soldiers to appear at the meeting place so I can assign individual tasks and missions in preparation for the Anti-Levy Demonstration and March. I was initially, pleasantly shocked to see three barrel chested men standing outside the Corner Pin just before 5am. That would equal the best ever turn out to one of these meets since its birth back in 2004.

It wasn’t until I approached them that I noticed the distinct flavour of claret and blue in the men’s clothing. It was that and the overly East End accents that made me suspect that these boys were definitely lacking Hertfordshire blood. The one with the Bobby Moore tattoo asked if I was here for the meeting with Spooky. Quick thinking on my part helped me avoid a fracas.

“Nah me old China, just ‘aving a butchers waiting on this merchant banker Spooky, innit. It’s gonna go Pete Tong when he turns up, the bleeding James Blunt. Anyone up for a Ruby, knees up mother brown?”

They didn't have a clue I was Spooky and instantly thought I was one of them. Turns out this welcoming party were gonna do 'Spooky' over because of some old anti-West Ham blog entries that didn't approve of.

Thankfully, my method acting improvised masterclass got me out of a potentially lethal scenario. We ‘bonded’, waited for another half an hour and decided that 'Spooky' wasn’t going to show up. So we then decided to make sure everyone knew that the West Ham boys had visited deep in Tottenham territory. Utterly smashed and wrecked a bin near the Spurs shop. I felt dirty being involved, I had no choice but to pretend I was born and breed in the Chicken Run. We left pretty sharpish and then spent the next eight hours in a pub on Green Street celebrating another victory over the Yids. All a bit of a naughty day. I managed to escape when two of them headed off to have tattoos done to mark the occasion.

Ok, so the Corner Pin meet-up was a complete blow out. No one appears to have the heart in being involved in this demo against Levy. So, it would appear that dreams of a million man march are dusted, with me, singular, being the one soul on Gods green earth with the warrior backbone to go up against the Lilywhite Playboy, Daniel Levy.

I’ll include a full report of the march once it happens.

Spookyfield report