Spurs back in for 'The Sock'

We are apparently keeping tabs on the Brazilian flair-induced central midfielder Diego Ribas da Cunha aka The Sock. The player we 'almost' signed back in 2003 when Pleat made several trips to South America but failed to claim the players signature, sadly due to several possible reasons. No work permit, no Sock was one of the popular 'excuses of failure'. There were also apparently a number of issues relating to the players rights (the dad part-owned him or something equally silly). Though the main reason was down to a sudden change of heart by the chairman of Santos, where Diego played at the time. All a bit of a mess.

The Sock

Anyways thats all history now and he ended up at Porto (not a great experience) but has since moved to Germany, playing for Werder Bremen. He's had an impressive season in the Bundesliga (36 games, 14 goals) and his goal at the new Wembley against England appears to have re-ignited our interest. Seems the buzz is that Levy and Damien Comolli (as suggested by various sources) want a true 'Tottenhamesque' style player to have a genuine spark from midfield to attack in the creative stakes.

Diego (Creative Midfield) - Berbatov (Creative Forward)

Does look good on a blog, doesn't it? Levy and Comolli are thinking 'Osvaldo Ardiles' (same type of height, but more tanned and Brazilian), and with the success of another short player in his debut season in England (Carlos Tevez) they feel that a South American in the Premiership may not be the daunting challenge many feared it can be.

I think this is the first thing Levy has done that I find myself happy with, excluding giving Block 34 a female steward.

So, the source of this information? Well its an agency, partly based out in Germany, who deal with footballers. And much like any line of business, people talk and people gossip. There was initial interest from an unnamed Spanish club who then cooled their advances. This may have played a part with our rekindled interest, with Comolli initially keeping an eye on things. Spurs then approached Bremen (all above board) but were knocked back. Diego's agent is playing the textbook 'One club is interested, let me spread the word' tactic. This suggests that they maybe after a more improved contract with the Germans. However Diego is apparently keen to listen to what we have to say (though expect other clubs to also show interest - and Diego's agent to 'whore' the little Brazilian magician to Italy and Spain). But our strong point in all this is routed back in the year 2003 with the way Diego was treated (very very well) by Pleat and the club when we looked to bring him to London first time round. Diego hasn't forgotten this.

Maybe Levy and Comolli should sub-contract Pleat and outsource this particular potential transfer to someone who knows Diego and his family (if be it for a short term a few years back).

In all seriousness, no idea on the fee being touted, but probably relatively cheap in todays market (around £13M).

First hurdle is getting past Bremen. Might not be too much of an issue, as rumours of a clause in Diego's contract might make things interesting over the next month or so.

And why should I believe any of this? This particular 'source' came good on three previous transfers - in the past 2 years - before they happened (before they hit the press or the forums). Not saying Spurs deals, but they involved three prominent high profile players. The information wasn't shared on those occasions, at least not publicly. And all three signings happened, as stated by this person.

Thought this one was too good to pass up and not blog it. Hope its not jinxed now.