Getting closer

Levy will do whatever is best for ENIC. Whether that's the best for Spurs is up for debate. Stratford being a prime example.

From what's been shared today (via the updates from the CPO hearing), there's a loan in place as backup if we don't get naming rights. Don't know enough to comment as to why no major investor has dropped their knickers for us, but then again - none of us know what's happening day to day let alone with this. There's a suggestion the loan hasn't been made public previously (aside from the fact it's a backup plan) because naming rights have been secured. That loan is for £350M. Pretty much covers it and destroys the myth that there's no cash in the shoe-box.

Either way, on Friday we'll know about the CPO then we'll have to see if Archway appeal again and drag it out further - something they've been doing for years.

The stadium is getting built. Levy and ENIC are hardly going to see their investment falter. I think this fallacy that there is no money or the potential for it or that they don't want to build a new stadium is fantastical when you stop to think how ruthless Levy is when it comes to the pound note.

No doubt soon we'll move onto the next controversy: Ground sharing with MK Dons.