It's all getting out of hand. Not from us, the supporters. We're pretty much self aware enough to appreciate that good things can be taken away from us but in the case of Harry Kane I think it's safe to say Real Madrid won't be buying him and have not been scouting. Yet one brief look at the football media and it's party-time for the headline grabbers. Talk about OTT. Even Arsene Wenger is getting in on it suggesting England build their team around Kane.



Yes, Kane's progress has been phenomenal in terms of expectancy. I've said it before, I didn't think too much of Kane at youth levels for a simple (if naive) reason. When you don't watch youth football regularly yourself and rely on others to report back it's still difficult to commit to an opinion about them because over the years I've heard plenty about kids that are meant to be very good but never make the step up to the first team. He wasn't overwhelmingly impressive out on loan in the lower leagues either.

When Kane broke into the first team (mostly thanks to rotation), he seemed a touch awkward and out of place. At this point it's understandable. Time, patience, experience. It's impossible to make a prediction here. There's no necessity to do so either. You can go with your gut or you can wait. I waited. I'm pretty sure I still didn't expect this level of improvement in such a short time. This is testament to the fact that his talent was always there ready to break out and his commitment to train hard has elevated his stature. Pochettino's slow introduction perfectly delivered and assisting the progression.

The normal excited reaction is beginning to bloat thanks to outsiders. Whilst we sit back and lap it up enjoying every goal and every facial expression mid-celebration, others are either drowning in hyperbole or hating on Kane. The only thing that matters is what goes on inside. Inside Kane's head, inside the club. I'm not even concerned about the pressure he might be placed under in future. There's no pressure now because of that complete lack of expectancy. An injury or loss of form might remove some of the gloss but that's a footballing reality and we all know more than most that the bad times can make the good times feel even better. If he is truly the real thing, he needs to add traits to his personality that will only come by the grafting through the difficult times too.

Kane doesn't strike me as someone who cares too much about anything if it isn't Spurs. So I probably shouldn't care too much about what people write about him. So keep on lapping it up.