Lucky stars

The 2-1 away win at Leicester was so much more enjoyable second time round (tv highlights) because I could sit back and laugh knowingly that Lady Luck was looking out for us. To be honest, she'd be better appreciated had she made herself available for the times we've been a point behind them lot down the road on the last game of the season.

Alas, that's not her style, not that her present day frequent gatecrashing isn't helpful to our cause. When you're playing well you create your own luck, so perhaps when you fail to reach the goals you set it's more reflective of a weakness you wish to pretend doesn't exist and is one that luck can not possibly protect.

When you're trying your best to progress and evolve into a better team and it's still a bit messy and disjointed, you can sometimes be embarrassed by the sheer good fortune bestowed on you. What are we doing to deserve it? Is it simply because we refuse to believe we can be beaten?  I have no idea how luck works. It's probably random and is only noticed in the context you wish to give to it. Was it also good luck that United failed to capitalise on all of their chances on Sunday?

The reality is, at some point she'll desert us for someone else.