Happy new year. Although I prefer to always wait until the end of it to decide if it warrants that premature tag.

Site update; this 'journal' (which was momentarily called 'thought of the day') will house my brain dumps. If you're wondering why I need the normal (DML) blog and this off-shot it's because this one is going to include even more typos and grammatical hellmouths. Anything that doesn't quite warrant a full fledged article (i.e. stuff that I might discuss on social media, musings, slices of breaking news) will be posted here and will serve as potential fodder for a more crafted incarnation on the normal blog feed.

Now to go prepare for Spurs v Chelsea. Paul Merson refereed to it as Three Point Lane earlier. That's 'Chelsea have won just a single game in their last nine outings' Lane*.