Draper Déjà vu

Much like Tottenham, I had momentum and lost it. In the past few years my life has changed with considerable responsibilities owning my time meaning my writing mojo has been erratic. Add to it the drainage of my remaining creative juices, exhausted by the vanity driven demands of social media and the far more fulfilling therapeutic journey undertaken with the podcast, I've been unable to shake free and reclaim the expressive freedom of the past. The past being before everyone had a voice that in the present has rendered most blogs redundant with everyone taking the role of a 'blogger' be it in 140 characters or so.

I'm having another Don Draper moment here.

The satire is rare. The irreverent musings occasionally appearing. There is so much consumption of all things Tottenham Hotspur that I find myself thinking, why bother writing up a review of something that everyone has already seen and discussed a 1000 times unless I can't offer something different. That something 'different' is my personal holy grail. 

I need to rediscover my form. Or at least try. I can only do so without the constraints of expectation and editorial regulations.

This probably won't end well.