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The Glory Glory Nights

One of my uncles earliest memories was standing in a playground and seeing a group of young (but older than him) Spurs fans, singing their hearts out, as they walked past...bursting with pride. In that single defining moment, he decided to support Tottenham.

His father (my granddad) lived in Camden Town and regularly visited the Lane. When he spoke the 60s side, it was always with superlatives and long pauses followed by more superlatives. At a young age, I knew who Blanchflower, Mackay and White were without really knowing all the details. There was nothing linear about the stories told, it was all very fantastical. Raw stories about the atmosphere at the Lane, a particular goal scored. Men dressed as angels. The Shelf bursting with song and energy. Tales wrapped in crisp magic you could taste if you shut your eyes hard enough and imagined the scenes being described.

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