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Spurs win 1-1

In a strange way this single point feels as important as any three we've taken this season. Not in a patronising way. This was hardly little old Tottenham claiming a precious draw against the beastly might of Manchester. This was about validating the desire and determination on show, the persistent and relentless work ethic displayed to get the ball forward and to some how make that incisive break-through. This was about psychology as much as it was about the kicking of a ball.

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34 seconds

I was not alone last night in staying up late to watch the FA Cup highlights, specifically to see some Tottenham action. After what felt like an hour or so of waterboarding we were finally treated to about 34 seconds which consisted of the goals and nothing more. The footage was so low quality I'm still trying to work out if it was animated by monkeys. Blink and you would have missed it all. It was akin to Tyler Durden inserting the subliminal edits into Fight Club. You know Spurs won but you're not quite sure how you know.

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This is still Tottenham at 60%

Morning. How's everyone feeling? Aside from freezing cold (if you're unlucky to be living in Blightly). We're about to hit the minus temps apparently. Everyone going to the Lane this evening, don't forget your long-johns. I wont be there but will be present for the Europa League 'decider' next Thursday, somewhere in block 32 (where 1882 has been allocated) to see us hopefully not just beat the Greeks but also match their relentless support from start to finish. As for tonight, I'll be watching from the comfort of an illegal stream, hoping for more of the same offensive intent against a side that will be far better than the pish West Ham managed to display on Sunday.

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