34 seconds

I was not alone last night in staying up late to watch the FA Cup highlights, specifically to see some Tottenham action. After what felt like an hour or so of waterboarding we were finally treated to about 34 seconds which consisted of the goals and nothing more. The footage was so low quality I'm still trying to work out if it was animated by monkeys. Blink and you would have missed it all. It was akin to Tyler Durden inserting the subliminal edits into Fight Club. You know Spurs won but you're not quite sure how you know.

Bless ITV. Sure, they crammed in everything into a short amount of space but this isn't the way you produce and package football to people who actually want to watch football. They had analysts in the studio who appeared to be nothing more than co-commentators. Stating the obvious without saying anything interesting as we endured one collection of seconds followed by another but we're treated to extended coverage of a Frank Lampard goal.

I guess this (Spurs v Coventry) was a game you just had to be at to have any idea of what transpired. By all accounts it was comfortable, the game won in the first half and plenty of kudos to the coach for selecting a strong side with the benefit of resting one or two players. Dempsey at the double, Bale with the other. Benny is back, Parker started. Adebayor failing to perform again.

Keep a look out on 101 Great Goals. They had a couple of minutes worth of highlights uploaded last night but they've since removed it. It might find it's way back there. The embedded footage above is what ITV served up. Glory. Draw for the 4th round is later today.