It's predictable

Via the BBC's Premier League predictor. Click here to play. I completed my under the influence of alcohol. I've seen a few people predict that Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea will all finish on around 71 points. Which means heartbreak thanks to goal difference. I've decided to go against the expectations that are most likely to play out and instead romanticise the idea that others will choke this time, rather than the usual suspects (us). 

My entire prediction really rests on us beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (why you laugh at me?) and Arsenal dropping points on the final day away to Newcastle. In short, I have us down to win all our remaining games. Zany. I'm such a rebel.


Fantasy football. Just let me embrace my delusion for a little while longer.

So, for the record:

4th May

Spurs 2 Soton 0
QPR 0 Arsenal 3

5th May

Man Utd 2 Chelsea 1

8th May

Chelsea 1 Spurs 2

11th May

Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 2

12th May

Stoke 1 Spurs 2

14th May

Arsenal 2 Wigan 0

19th May

Chelsea 1 Everton 1
Newcastle 2 Arsenal 2
Spurs 3 Sunderland 0

Glory! Or something equally intoxicating.